Ephemeral Architecture

A beautiful and fleeting movement that is created, experienced and while leaving no wisp of its existence, becomes unforgettable.


Ephemeral architecture is created to awaken emotions, while it exists.


Feeders was born in 2010, when two longtime friends decided to create a company that combined their architectural know-how with their passion for events.

In this journey of self-discovery, Joaquim Silva and Duarte Silva realized that it was through the ephemeral architecture and the awareness of each brand’s uniqueness that they fed theirs and their clients’ ideas.


Today, Feeders is an architectural studio specialized in the creation and transformation of ephemeral spaces that translate into memorable experiences.

We are a young and dynamic team that develops temporary architecture projects, from concept to execution. As a multidisciplinary group, we have people specialized in different areas, allowing us the means and technology to respond efficiently and eloquently in every project phase.

At Feeders we follow and develop all the creative and technical process, from client management, architecture, 3D visualization, prototyping, design, production, licensing and implementation. This way, we are able to deliver integrated and tailor-made solutions to our customers, from ideas to "hands-on experiences".

Zoom out & in

Our creativity and dedication to each project flows from large scale structures down to the smallest of details.

Rua Ary dos Santos 15
Lisboa, Portugal

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